What People Need to Know About the #MeToo Movement


The recent Terry Crews story has sparked outrage throughout Hollywood and beyond. Sexual harassment is necessary – in what world is this statement not completely ridiculous? The #MeToo movement has achieved a shift regarding the use of men in the context of rape culture from being the often portrayed aggressors to also being potential victims of abuse.

How Sexual Assault Happens to the Victim

Women's Day Crews’ story has promoted the current situation of abused men worldwide, which has been sabotaged in many conversations about the situation. More importantly, it marked the complicated facets of sexual assault as a manifestation of something much larger than just “desire,” but rather as a manifestation of politics and power, as in Crews’ case, where an influential, high-level bureaucratic figure felt trapped in the entire body of someone who found a place to get a commodity in modern American social media culture.

Of course, we can’t dismiss the outliers in the discourse that speak to exactly how the attack could happen to anyone (regardless of their energy or not) and drawn from many disadvantaged areas. However, this is just one telling example of how rape and sexual assault can happen to anyone, even men, no matter how powerful they are. That power plays a role in rape culture is an essential thing to recognize in these conversations, as rape and sexual assault are signs of that particular power struggle.

How Mobile Platforms Help Fight Against Sexual Assault

Protest To be sure, the dialogue can be confusing enough when the crimes of Woody Allen, Harvey Weinstein, and other powerful male public figures enter the general conversation, but how can we sympathize with men as potential victims of abuse? It reveals a flaw in how we treat abused people in these situations, especially when the press steers the discourse toward sex. It highlights men’s use in the fight against rape culture beyond the simple “aggressor” or “victim” dichotomy but as true allies in the fight against abuse.

In the world of technology, a recent breakthrough noted MODA Casting – a mobile platform that democratizes model casting by allowing them to book jobs without the need for agents or casting connections – has become a reality in the fight against abuse in the modeling world through a partnership with #ProjectConsent. Even celebrities like John Legend and Bernie Sanders have shown their solidarity by participating in Women’s Marches because it’s a way to help all abuse victims. It means opening the doors to the different versions of the struggle and the different faces that abuse.

How #MeToo Combats Gender Oppression

If we have any chance of dismantling our true oppressors, we must recognize and reject the right enemies; most importantly, we must realize that men can be allies who rejoice that women can also be oppressors. It suggests that a new era has arrived for the #MeToo movement to stand in solidarity with victims of abuse, regardless of gender, and to reevaluate the value of distinguishing enemies in the dialogue of planet. Above all, these current developments highlight the importance of men and their stories in the fight against sexual abuse in its various forms.

The recent Terry Crews story has sparked outrage throughout Hollywood and beyond. Sexual harassment is necessary – in what world…